Grow your business, reshape your customer experience.

Offer a new experience to your customer by allowing them to order and pay directly from their smartphone.
Tap your phone
Tap your phone
With a simple tap on our tiny device, open the smile experience without any friction.

No app to download
No password needed
Secure link & Data privacy
Order at table
Order at table
Combine self-customer ordering with improved time efficiency for your staff.

Access the menu in any language Shape your meal with personalised suggestions Send your meal at your own pace with your preferences
Order & Collect
Order & Collect
Offer a unified experience to your customers whether on site or online.

Shape your order with personalised suggestions Send your order to restaurant and set pick up time Receive a notification when your order is ready
Pay at table
Pay at table
Let customers share and pay the bill, let’s them reward the service with a nice tip.

Both your customer and your staff save time. Leave with a frictionless experience. The bill is sent by mail, no print.
And so much more
And so much more
Offer your customers access to games, newspapers, content, music and promote your events and services.

Shape new business opportunities.
Make your place pleasant and modern.
Increase your customer loyalty.

Now they smile

Smile’in apporte la flexibilité necessaire pour s’adapter au flux de clients et offrir des services personnalisés permettant une optimisation du point de production et de la gestion de l’établissement.
— Amanda Lee, CEO

Clear benefits for all.

For your business
Increase margin by increasing revenue and reducing coast.

More recurrent customers
New business opportunities
Increased average basket price

For your staff
More time for customer care & a better work environment.

Less stress
Better interactions with customers
More tips

For your customers
Improve satisfaction and loyalty and focus on the essential : quality time.

Save time
Enjoy a pleasant moment at your own pace
Benefit from a dedicated service

Grow your business for real.

Mesured metrics from production customers
of business
on cost
more customers
average basket size
self ordering on terrace
Multi-lingual menu
high margin product
staff costs
Cheaper profiles
table turn-over
More effective staff
Less fees
click & collect

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