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Increase traffic.

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Customer autonomy
Multi-booth ordering
Food pick-up

Increase table turn-over and reduce cost by allowing customers to get their order in a designated pick-up location.

Fast welcome
Fast ordering
Fast checkout

Offer a quick & pleasant service to your customers on terrasse.

Room Service
Fast checkout

Offer new room services to your customers and promote your venue with a perfect integration in your neighbourhood.

Fast welcome
Fast ordering
Fast checkout

Offer a quick & pleasant service to your customers on terrasse.

From Home or Office
Pick-up or delivery point
Now or scheduled

Develop new opportunities, allow customers coming to pick-up food and cut costs by delivering to nearby to pick-up points.
All the features

POS integration

We are connected to your POS, for the comfort of the customers and the efficiency of your staff.

Zone-based deployment

The same application for the bar, the room, the terrace but with different operating modes, just with different parameters in the back office.

Multi-guest basket

Finally, make it easier to manage groups! All the dishes are sent to the kitchen at the same time and every guest pays their bill, in a few clicks and without the server's intervention!

Multi-box Application

WIth this unique feature, you can organise your food market with as many independent booths as you wish still offering a great and unified shopping experience.

Multi workflow management

Offer your customer a precise tracking of their order, with a smart management of the waiting file, real-time preparation notification and SMS sending whenever appropriate

Go way beyond, master your data and be independent.

Smile Studio
Build your app is a matter of minutes.

Permettez la commande et paiement à table en quelques clics, définissez et optimisez vos points de production en quelques options. Sans aucune compétence technique.

Smile Connect
Optimise customer journeys.

Customise the Smile with your own brand guidelines and easily deploy them in strategic places in your restaurant. On the tables, at the reception, on the terrace, in the bedrooms, ...

Smile Waiter
Manage daily operation in seconds.

Manage your products and optimise your service by tracking all your orders in a simple and production-oriented interface.

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