“Smilein” meaning
Smilein is the name of our company. Mean the experience we build gives a smile to our users :)
Our mantra
Shape amazing human experience whatever the complexity. Simple is beautiful.
Our values
Respect users and give them hapiness by building frictionless, beautiful experience, but also with strong data privacy and respect for the environment.
Brand guidelines
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Product image
The Smile
Smile in Food
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Product naming
The name of our company.

Do not write
smilein, smile in, Smile In, smile IN, SMILE IN
“The Smile”
The Smile is our tiny device than connect  our smartphone with our app.

Do not write
Smile, SMILE, The smile, the smile, the Smile.
“Smilein Food”
They are the names of our solutions dedicated to the industry. This includes all the app experience for our users. But also for the business which deploys the Smile in solution.  

Do not write
SMILE IN FOOD, Smile in food, Smile in FOOD
“Smile App”
The name of the apps powered by Smile in for the users.
“Smile Studio”
The name of our platform to build the Smile App.
Rainbow color
The Smile
Smilein Food